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About Us

The founder and creator of the Go search engine are Sergey Alexandrovich Romanov and Alexander Yuryevich Babak. These two talented programmers and entrepreneurs have joined forces to develop an innovative search engine that would become an indispensable assistant for users around the world.

Sergey Romanov, with his experience and knowledge in the field of software development, is a key link in the creation of Go. His talent and creativity helped to form a unique offer for users, which allowed the system to stand out from the competition.

Alexander Babak, for his part, brought his expertise in marketing and business strategies to the project. Thanks to his experience and understanding of the market, the Go search engine has become widely known and popular.

Today, the Go search engine continues to develop and grow, offering users more and more convenient and functional tools for finding information. Sergey Romanov and Alexander Babak continue to lead the project, inspiring the team to new achievements and development.